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Level:                                  AS/A2 Level

Exam Board:                       Edexcel

Assessment:                        80% Written Examination 20% Practical Assessment

Entry Requirements:         3 B grades in Core and Additional Science, and Mathematics, or B in Chemistry GCSE plus two B grades from Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

Overview of the Course

Chemistry is a key subject required for entrance to many Science courses at University, leading to a wide range of careers including Medicine, Dentistry, Forensic Science, Pharmacy, Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The course combines practical work with a sound theoretical approach. You will need to develop logical thinking, analysis of data and problem solving. Technological application is emphasised together with environmental issues.

 What will you study?

 In Year 12, you will study the following units:

Atomic structure

The chemistry of different groups of elements

 The chemistry of Carbon Compounds

 Energy changes in reactions

 In Year 13, you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of these themes.

Higher Education Pathways:

BSc (Hons) Degree in Chemistry, Forensic Science, Dental Technology, Paramedic Science, Medicine MBBS BSc.

Students are recommended to combine with Biology if pursuing a career in medicine or bio­medical sciences. In all cases individual circumstances will be taken into consideration.


Dentist, Doctor, Pharmacist, Chemical Engineer, Forensic Scientist



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