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Course Director Elaine Whittingham

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Autumn term 1 Autumn term 2 Spring term 1 Spring term 2 Summer term 1 Summer term 2

Year 7 French

Studio 1

Accès studio

Meeting and greeting people

Say how old you are

Say when your birthday is

Learn the months of the year

Talk about animals

C’est perso

talk about your likes and dislikes

describe yourself

describe other people

using adjectives

Mon college

Talk about school subjects

Give opinions and reasons for liking and disliking school subjects

Describe your school timetable

Say what you have to eat in school

Mes passetemps

Talking about the sports you play

Talk about activiites

Say what you like doing

Describe what other people do

Ma zone

Describe your town/village where you live

Give and understand directions

Say what you do at weekend

Say what you can do in town

Partez en vacances

Talking about holidays

Buying drinks and snacks

Talking about your future holiday plans

Say what you would like to do in the future

Year 7 Spanish

Mira 1


Introducing yourself

Counting up to 31

Spanish alphabet

En el Instituto

Talking about your school subjects

Talking about the teachers

Giving opinions and reasons

Describing what you eat at school

Mi familia

Talking about your brothers and sisters

Counting up to 100

Describe your pets

Describe physical appearance

En casa

Describe where you live

Describe the rooms in your house

Describe your bedroom

El tiempo libre

Say what you do in your free time

Telling the time

Describe sports and hobbies

Say what you are going to do at weekend

En la Ciudad

Say what your town is like

Ask for directions and understand directions

Make and respond to invitations

Year 8 Spanish

Mira 2

La gente

Talking about activities

Describe friends using adjectives

Understand different nationalities

Mis vacaciones

Say where you went on holiday

Say how you travelled and where you stayed

Say what you did on holiday

Give other details about your holiday

La comida

Say what you have to eat for different mealtimes

Eating at a restaurant and ordering food

Describe a past meal at a restaurant

Talk about food likes and dislikes

De moda

Talking about clothes

Describe what other people are wearing

Describe the school uniform and your ideal school uniform

Say what you wear for fancy dress

Vamos a salir

Talking about places in town

Inviting someone to go out and responding to an invitation

Making excuses about


Talking about what there is to see and do in Barcelona

Talking about different types of shops

Asking for and giving directions

Describe a holiday in Barcelona

Understand a story set in Barcelona

Year 9 Spanish

Mira 3

Los medios de comunicación

Talking about modern technologies

Talking about TV programmes

Talking about films

Talking about different types of music

Describing a concert

El Instituto

Describe your school

Say what you will study next year

Describe school rules

Describe a school day and what your school is like

Write a detailed description of your school

La Salud

Learn parts of the body

Describe symptoms of illness and understand remedies

Describe a healthy and unhealthy diet

Learn different food items in Spanish

Ganarse la vida

Talking about earning and spending money

Talking about household chores

Say what job you would like to do in the future

Describe how languages can help in your future career


Learn about Spanish speaking countries

Learn about Central and South America

Talking about environmental issues

Learn about some famous Spanish speaking people

Mi Casa es tu Casa

Meeting and greeting people from a Spanish speaking country

Learning how to travel in a Spanish speaking country

Learn about the Spanish city of Bilbao and what there is to do there

Write a detailed paragraph describing an visit to Bilbao or another Spanish speaking city

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