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Art & Design

Course Director Daniel Glenister

Co-ordinated by Leah O'Reilly

At the Academy we believe that the visual arts offer the opportunity for students to complete a synthesis of experience through the elements of perception, thought and feeling. This illumination of experience is basic to the education process enriching both other areas of the curriculum and students' social skills. We feel that through understanding, creating, making and evaluation, the student acquires more highly-developed discrimination and judgement. We seek to broaden the students' background knowledge and appreciation of art in a variety of genres and styles from different cultures and times, believing that this broadens their appreciation and understanding of other cultures, artistically, socially and historically.

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Year   9

Year   10


Close Ups


Sarah Mitch/ Neil   Roland/ Jack Pierson


Natural form and decay

Karl Blossfeldt/ Imogen Cunningham/ Andy   Small/ Cath Kitson, Orla Keily


Exam Period



'Alice in wonderland'

Tim Walker/ Tim Burton

Review and refine   Projects.


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