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'Learning to look' At KS3 all students will be taught how to look and observe. By understanding this process students will then be able to apply techniques and methods.

Discussions and critiques of work made and artist & Cultures is throughout the year to facilitate annotation based on personal thoughts, opinions and choices made.



Half Terms Y7 Y8


‘Drawing for purpose’

To clear their minds and organize their ideas, artists will often start projects by drawing sketches.

A selection of drawing techniques (ref Calder, Giacometti drawings)

Line drawing

Ink & stick




A selection of drawing techniques (ref Ian Murphy workshop)

Line drawing

Ink & stick





Baseline Assessment: Drawing- Observational/Creativity/Imagination- 1 level based on all 3 responses

Introduction to a personal theme or message.

(Always look left and right before crossing/ Work hard, play hard)

Collage and Typography- Teesha Moore

Students to produce an image/text piece relating to a message of their choice.

Doodle Book- concertina book incorporating imagination and drawing.
1st Assessment:   1 Level based on personal response


(Colours, mixing and method)

Teacher chosen Workshops based on themes available.

Workshops based on different Art movements:

Impressionism 1870-1900 Monet/Degas

Post impressionism 1880-1905 Seurat/Cezanne

Fauvism 1905-1907 Matisse/Derain

Cubism 1907-1925 Picasso/Braque

Birth of Abstract Painting- Kandinsky painting to music!

Workshops based on different Art movements:

Bauhaus 1919-1923 Klee

Abstract Expressionism 1940s-1950s Pollock/Kline workshop looking at Chinese calligraphy

Pop Art 1950s-1960s Warhol/Lichtenstein

Neo-Expressionism & Graffiti Art 1970s-1980s Haring/Basquiat/Banksy

British Painting- Ayers/Bacon/Freud/Saville

2nd Assessment: Painting- 1 level based on mixing and application skills
Print making

Workshops based on:

Poly board prints inspired by Cultures- Indian/African

Mono printing

Workshop based on Collograph printing
3rd Assessment: Printing- 1 level based on preparation and making and actual print

Low level relief/


Teacher chosen Workshops based on themes available.

Workshops inspired by:

Michael Brennand Wood/ Ben Nicholson low level reliefs

Louise Nevelson objects in one colour- could take into computer circuit boards using packaging, egg boxes etc....or emboss objects into clay.

Abigail Reynolds/ Su Blackwell- Book Art

Assemblage and Junk art-1964 Cornell/Fiona Long

3D recycled collage Paola Bazz

Land Art 1960s Long/Goldsworthy

Workshops inspired by:

Oldenburg/ Vincent James soft scultpture and Nikki de Saint Phalle

Jaina Minton newspaper birds

Stephen Dixon/ Halima Cassell -ceramicist (plates)

Jennifer Collier- paper shoes

4th Assessment: 3D- 1 level based on design and construction

Full project (Ideas/development/



BUGS (Elizabeth Berrien, Louise Bourgeois)

Wire/cardboard sculpture outcome

Ref big breakdown

CITYSCAPE (Liam Spencer)

Painting outcome

Ref big breakdown

5th Assessment: Interim level based on start of project, (ideas)

Full Project





Final Assessment: Full project based on Creativity-Competence-Cultural understanding- Critical understanding

  1. Pupil’s ability to research and understand appropriate cultures, artists and designers.
  2. Pupil’s ability to develop an image with clear evidence of artists influence.
  3. Pupil’s ability to manipulate an image/ design using a variety of techniques.
  4. Pupil’s ability to produce a personal response.



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