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Religious Education

Course Director Katy Sandham

Religious Education is a topic which embraces everyone who has ever lived, everyone who is alive today and everyone who ever will live on earth. In the Religious Education department we aim to inspire pupils to begin their own journey of discovery. Through our consideration of different religious and philosophical ways of life, RE provides pupils with a basis for living in a multi-cultural society. Pupils consider the beliefs and opinions of others, relating them to the influences and ideas they have in their own lives.

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Year group Term 1 (7 Weeks) Term 2 (7 Weeks) Term 3 (6 Weeks) Term 4 (5 Weeks) Term 5 (7 Weeks) Term 6 (6 Weeks)
Year 7 Fact, faith and belief The Early Church Judaism 1 Islam Religion in action Hinduism
Year 8 Jesus: this is your life Buddhism

Jewish Festivals and Rites of passage

The Big Story: The Bible Sikhism
Year 9

Wealth and Poverty


Jewish community

Religious and spiritual expression


What is the truth. Religion and human rights – Christianity/Judaism Religion and the media – Christianity/Judaism
Year 10 AQA: Religion, War and Peace AQA: Matters of life. AQA: Religion and prejudice AQA: early life AQA: Religion and drug abuse AQA: Religion and drug abuse
Year 11

OCR: Medical Ethics

AQA: Religion,  crime and punishment

OCR: Medical Ethics

AQA: Religion, war and peace

OCR: Life after Death

AQA: Elderly and death

OCR: Revision

AQA: Catch up and revision.

OCR: Revision

AQA: Revision

OCR Revision

AQA: Revision

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