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Course Director Rachel Stone

The Exploring Science, fully interactive, scheme of work is utilised in year 7 and 8 for a condensed 2 year KS3 and differentiated by each member of staff for each class. The sequence chosen emphasises the stimulus of introducing a range of new topics towards the beginning of year 7.


Science Club:

Science club is available for all students in year 7 and 8 and is designed to encourage enthusiasm and enhance the learning of students within science.

INTRODUCTION TO SCIENCE 8E Combustion                               Experiment: Burning a candle  Homework: Report on fire extinguishers and Homework matrix on global warming  
7A Cells, Tissues and Organ Systems   Experiment: Observing cells using a microscope.   Homework:  Homework matrix Organ donors and Building a cell  
8A Food and Digestion                             Experiment: Model intestine/testing for starch/sugar  Homework: Journey of the cheeseburger and surface area calculations  
7E Mixtures and Separation                         Experiment: Separation of rock salt.    Homework: Complete write up of separation of rock salt and homework matrix on clean drinking water.  
Autumn Half-term  
7I Energy 8I Fluids  
7B Sexual Reproduction in Animals 8B Plants and their Reproduction  
7F Acids and Alkalis 8F The Periodic Table  
7J Current and Electricity 8J Light  
Spring Half-term  
7C Muscles and Bones 8C Breathing and Respiration  
7G Particle Model 8G Metals and their Uses  
7K Forces 8K Energy Transfers  
7D Ecosystems 8D Unicellular organisms  
Summer Half-term  
7H Atoms Elements and Molecules 8H Rocks  
7L Sound 8J Earth and Space  
Summer Holiday  


  • Science star award: One pupil to be identified in each year 7 and 8 class once per term for their efforts in science. They will be awarded a small prize and certificate and their achievements recognised through a display board and inclusion in the termly academy newsletter.
  • Raffle Tickets: Every student in year 7/8 who either meets or beats their target in the termly examinations will be awarded a raffle ticket which will be entered into a draw for a relatively big prize
  • Pupil Planner: Quick note home to parents
  • Achievement postcards: may be sent home as appropriate by staff and should be approximately one/class per 2/3 weeks
  • Positive phone calls home


Homework is considered an essential tool in the learning process and it should reinforce or extend what is learned in the classroom. At KS3 students are set a minimum on one piece of homework per week


EDEXCEL Core Science GCSE:


EDEXCEL Additional Science GCSE:


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