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Course Director Jemma Simmonds

Geography is a fascinating subject that allows you as a learner to challenge the world that you live in. Geography is no longer about things like maps and flags, we have sat-navs for that but about the world now! Debate the issue of climate change, look into weather and its changing severity, take a trip into the heart of a disaster or stroll through a city like Kibera, one of the poorest places in the world, its all here in your geography lessons!

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Year 9 options 2016

Pupils who opt to choose geography as an option subject for first study in September 2016 will start a brand new course. The new 9-1 geography course provided by OCR has been designed to suit pupils who are intrigued by the world around them and who enjoy engaging with an enquiring mind. Gone has the old coursework module, replaced with two fieldwork opportunities examined at the end of year 11!

Pupils will study the UK in the 21st century and development in the human world, common topics here at the academy in the geography department. Pupils will also study climate change and the old classic 'global hazards', a favourite amongst students at the academy. New to the specification is resource management and ecosystems, important in our modern and ever-changing world.

For more information on this glorious learning opportunity, visit the OCR website:

www.ocr.org.uk and search for OCR geography B specification  (J384).


 Key Stage 4 – GCSE Geography at St Anne’s academy

Pupils study the OCR ‘A’ linear specification in geography. This option allows pupils to study various aspects of geography, such as extreme environments and our fast changing world. Pupils complete two exams, with one based on skills and complete one piece of thematic coursework.

Year 10 Assessment

Extreme environments


Settlement & Population

Our changing population

Continued   assessment through exam preparation and mock exams
Year 11 Assessment

You as a global citizen


Controlled Assessment inc fieldwork

Double   exam

Controlled   Assessment



Please feel free to contact myself (or anyone else in the geography department) at the academy, otherwise I look forward to speaking to you at our options evening in April!

Mr C Windley



Geography is a useful GCSE that has many career applications, from working for the environment agency to teaching and business management to the armed forces. Geography is a test of skills, being able to work out solutions, spot problems and show balance, the ability to see two sides of an argument. Geography also promotes critical thinking and promotes the ability to challenge others – a skill that businesses like as it shows independence.

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