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Course Director:  Mark Whitehead

PE develops pupil competence and confidence to take part in a range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives both in and out of school.

A high quality PE curriculum enables all pupils to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity. They develop a wide range of skills and the ability to use tactics, strategies and compositional ideas to perform successfully. When they are performing, they think about what they are doing, analyse the situation and make decisions. They also reflect on their own and others' performances and find ways to improve them. As a result, they develop the confidence to take part in a diverse range of physical activity and learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles.

PE helps pupils develop personally and socially, working as individuals, in groups and teams; developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. They take on different roles and responsibilities including leadership, coaching and officiating. Through the diverse range of activities that PE offers, they learn how to be effective, competitive, creative and challenging situations.

Key Stage 3

Students have two lessons of 60 minutes per week of discrete teaching throughout the key stage to ensure the delivery of the yearly teaching objectives for PE.

Girls activities KS3 Boys activities KS3
Netball                   Rounders Football                           Cricket
Football                 Tennis Rugby                             Tennis
Gymnastics           Badminton Gymnastics                     Badminton
Hockey                   Athletics Basketball                       Athletics
Handball               Basketball Fitness                             Hockey
Fitness                   Table tennis Orienteering                     Table tennis
Orienteering           Cross country Handball                           Cross country
Boxing                   Dance Boxing                             Dance

The programme of study includes at least 4 of the following:

a) outwitting opponents as in games activities
b) accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences, as in gymnastic activities
c) exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions as in dance activities
d) performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy as in athletic activities
e) identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges of an adventurous nature, as in life-saving and personal survival in swimming and outdoor activities
f) exercising safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing, as in fitness and health activities

Key Stage 4

All pupils in KS4 receive 1 hour of practical PE delivered in core PE. They are compulsory PE sessions and we try to encourage pupils to find a lifelong interest in PE by offering the traditional activities and sports as well as the following:

KS4 Core PE
Mountain biking
Skate boarding
Step aerobics/dance



Pupils can also choose GCSE PE as an option to be study at KS4. We currently offer AQA GCSE PE as this specification follows on from the Key Stage 3 Physical Education programme of study by providing students with exciting opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by choosing from a variety of roles and activities in which to participate in physical activity.

Theory PE Practical PE
Individual differences

Pupils take part in a variety of traditional and non traditional sports activities. Some of the non traditional include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Judo
  • Cycling

Pupils can also be assess in the following:

  • Performer
  • Coach
  • Official
  • organiser
The demands of performance
Leisure & recreation
Health, fitness and an active lifestyle
School influences
Emotional health and well being
Cultural & social factors
Pathways & opportunities
Media & sponsorship
Anatomy & physiology

See the AQA website for more info:


Click here to get more information from BBC Bitesize



BTEC Level 2

The Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Award in Sport that we are completing in Key Stage 4 has been designed to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of sport. It develops knowledge of the theory behind Physical Education and also provides a good introduction to Sport for learners in post-16 education through the BTEC Level 3 pathway. It provides an opportunity for the beginning of a career in the Sports or other related industries, that could lead to work opportunities in fields such as Coaching, Teaching, Physiotherapy or Sports Management.

During the 2 years you will have to complete the following units/assignments:

Fitness for Sport & Exercise- (External written exam)

Practical Sports performance

Leading Sports Activities

The mind & sports performance

Evidence for assessment will be generated through a range of activities that include written assignments, practical performance (limited amounts), verbal presentations, workplace assessment and role play scenarios.

Upon completion of these units you will be graded in the following way;

You will be graded in the following way:

Distinction * = A*
Distinction = A
Merit = B
Pass = C

Work MUST be completed within pre-set deadlines that are issued at the start of the course



Key Stage 5

The PE department offers BTEC Level 3 in sport and is the equivalent of 1 A level. This is a 2 year course and that involves some practical assessment, with the majority of the course involving 7 units of written assessment in the form of coursework

Year 12 Assessment
  • Unit 1
  • Unit 2
  • Unit 3
  • Unit 4
  • Coursework
  • Coursework
  • Coursework
  • Coursework
Year 13 Assessment
  • Unit 7
  • Unit 13
  • Unit 14
  • Coursework
  • Coursework
  • Coursework



Level 3 PE can lead onto University. Courses that can be studied are: Physical Edcucation, Sport development, Sport coaching, Sports management, Sports psychologist, Sport science, Physiotherapy.

Careers can include: PE teacher, Sports medicine, Coaching, Sport development officer, sports manager.

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