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Key Stage 3 History

Our exciting Key Stage 3 curriculum covers a wide range of topics in order for students to understand how and why the world is as it is today.  Each topic features a key question so that student thinking is challenged and focussed.  In History, we study the past and the legacies of the past in the present.  History is so relevant in today’s world, it is inescapable.  According to www.history.ac.uk, History is far from being a ‘dead’ subject; it helps us understand the condition of being human!  Therefore, History is not just ‘useful’, it is essential!’


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

Autumn Term 1

Incredible archaeology: What was the most incredible historical discovery? Was the 17th century a century of chaos or progress? Did WWI happen because one man got shot? Was WWI really the war to end all wars?

Autumn Term 2

How successfully did medieval kings rule?

Rebellion and Revolution: Ruthless or Right? Did Hitler cause WWII?

Spring Term 1

Was medieval life all doom and gloom? Was the Industrial Revolution a blessing or curse for the people of Manchester? WWII: Did Germany lose because she attempted too much?

Spring Term 2

Greed, glory or God: What were the crusaders motives? Has the power of the people been successful in making change? How did the Cold War almost turn hot?

Summer 1

Was Henry’s love life the only change in Tudor times? Is the British Empire a source of pride or shame? Is one man’s terrorist another man’s freedom fighter?

Summer 2

How successful was Queen Elizabeth I? Was the USA really the ‘land of the free’? Why do human beings, the so-called most civilised and intelligent of the species that inhabit the planet, turn to mass murder?




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