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Key Stage 5

Students follow the Edexcel course lasting 2 years.  The course is made up of the following units:

Core Mathematics

Unit  Summary of Unit Content
C1 Algebra and functions; co-ordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane; sequences and series; differentiation; integration
C2 Algebra and functions; co-ordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane; sequences and series; trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms; differentiation; integration.
C3 Algrebra and fucntions; trigonometry; exponentials and logarithms; differentiation; numerical methods.
C4 Algrebra and functions; coordinate geometry in the (x,y) plane; sequences and series; differentiation; integration; vectors. 

C1 and C2 are completed in Year 12 and C3 and C4 are completed in Year 13.

In addition to the above units students also choose 2 of the following:


Unit  Summary of Unit Content
M1 Mathematical models in mechanics; vectors in mechanics; kinematics of a particle moving a in a straight line; dynamics of a particle moving in a straight line or plane; statics of a particle; moments
M2 Kinematics of a particle moving in a stright line or plane; centres of mass; work and energy; collisions; statics of rigid bodies.
M3 Further kinematics; elastic strings and springs; further dynamics; motion in a circle; statics of rigid bodies.
M4 Relative motion;elastic collisions in two dimesions; further motion of particles in one dimension; stability.
M5 Applications of vectors in mechnics; variable mass; moments of inertis of a rigid body; rotation of a rogid body about a fixed smooth axis. 


Unit  Summary of Unit Content
S1 Mathematical models in probability and statistics; representation and summary of data; probability; correlation and regression; discrete random variables; discrete distributions; the Normal distribution. 
S2 The Binomial and Poisson distributions; continuous random variable; continuous distributions; samples; hypothesis tests.
S3 Combinations of random variables; sampling; estiamtion, confidence intervals and tests; goodness of fit and coningency tables; regression and correlation. 
S4 Quality of tests and estimators; one-sample procedures; two-sample procedures. 

Decision Mathematics

Unit  Summary of Unit Content
D1 Algorithms; algorithms on graphs; the route inspection problem; critical path analysis; linear programming; matchings. 
D2 Thransportation problems; allocation (assignment) problems; the travelling salesman; game theory; further linear programming; dynamic programming; flows in networks. 


Each unit is assessed by the following:


C1 Written exam 1.5 hours

C2 Written exam 1.5 hours

C3 Written exam 1.5 hours

C4 Written exam 1.5 hours

S1 Written exam 1.5 hours

D1 Written exam 1.5 hours

M1 Written exam 1.5 hours


St Anne’s Academy pupils whom have previously studied A-Level Mathematics have gone on to study Architecture, Mathematics, Engineering and many others.

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Higher Education Pathways:

Degrees in:  Mathematics, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Computing Programming, Accountancy, Business, Operational Research, Actuarial Science, Law and Architecture.


Careers can include Accountancy, Finance and banking, Computer game designer, Architect, Manager, Lawyer, Doctor, Pilot, Engineer, Management Consultant and many more!

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