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In response to family requests the Academy has changed the way we do homework. Students are given a topic and can pick from the following topics. This grid is in the student's planners.


Knowing Understanding Applying Analysing Creating Evaluating


I enjoy, reading, writing and speaking

Construct an A-Z on your topic. Write a newspaper report on your topic. Write a biography about a person linked to your   topic.

Find an article/ story/ report on your topic.

Identify the facts and opinions within it.

Create an article comparing your topic to Modern   Britain. How have times changed? Would public responses be different? Evaluate an article which is linked to your   topic. Explain what it shows.

Logical/ Mathematical

I enjoy working with numbers and sequences

Represent this topic using four graphs/ charts/   equations. Survey the class on an issue from your topic.   Record your results and explain what they show. Create a time line of events which represents   your topic. Use a venn diagram to compare two aspects of   your topic. Create an exam question for your topic and   include a mark scheme. Evaluate an aspect of your topic using the six   thinking hats.

Visual/ Spatial

I enjoy painting, drawing and creating.

Create a comic strip/ story board/ drawing that   illustrates the key elements of this topic. Find or draw five images which represent the   most important areas of your topic. If the title of your topic was a book…how would   you represent its cover? Find a piece of art work which you feel   represents the topic. Explain your choice. Create a vision board of the topic and explain   your choices. Recommend pieces of art that show different   things about your topic. Explain why you have chosen them.


I enjoy doing hands on activities, sports and   dance

Re-enact an important scenario from your topic.   This could be a speech, discovery or achievement. Make a model/ drama/ dance to show how you   understand your topic. Choose ten objects to put into a time capsule   which would represent the topic. Explain why these items are important. Which places or events could you visit/ attend   to improve your understanding of the topic. How this would improve your learning. Create a game that teaches children about your   topic. Write down the rules! Watch a play/ film/ sports event that links to   your topic. Evaluate what you saw.


I enjoy making and listening to music

Write a song about your topic. Research a composer from the time/ theme you   are studying. Find five more pieces that they wrote and identify the   instruments used. Find something in your house that makes a sound   that you feel summarises the topic/ theme. Explain your choice. Analyse song lyrics and create a list of five   songs which represent the topic. Compose your own song/ poem which represents   the topic/ theme and your feelings about it. Evaluate a piece of music from the time/ theme/   topic you are studying. Communicate your thoughts with reasons.


I enjoy working with others

Find out what your family knows about the   topic.

Question time! With a partner create a quiz on   your topic.

Make sure you include an answer sheet!

With a partner, create a mind map showing your   predictions for any issue associated with your topic. Discuss with your family/ friends how life   would be different if the events in your topic not happened. Record your   ideas in a mind map. In pairs create an interview between an   interviewer and someone involved in your topic. With a partner, imagine you are someone from   the actual time/ story/ scenario. Write a diary which shows how the event   changed their life.


I enjoy working by myself

Design a series of flash cards to help others   revise the topic. Create a key word list for your topic. Choose   the ten most important words and explain their meaning. Select a part of your topic and design a   teaching activity that could be used in class. Make a ‘Fact File’ which covers the ten most   important things about the topic. Create a different scenario/outcome/ ending. If   this had happened, how would the world be different? Evaluate your learning from each lesson on the   topic in the form of a diary.

 This grid is also available in a visual format and can be accessed here.

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