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St Anne’s Church of England Academy Governing Board

Business and Personal Interests

Members of the Governing Board declared the following interests in September 2016:

Governor / Member


Nature of Interest

Date of Appointment

Alasdair Coates

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy
Salford City Academy
Manchester Diocese
Birkenhead School
Lowton CE High School 

Board Member
Secondary School Adviser

Sept 2013
Sept 2013
Sept 2013
May 2015
May 2016 

David Crossland

David’s son, Marc Crossland, is a Sponsor Governor of the Academy Trust


Family related

Oct 2010

Robert Haigh

RHA Educational Consultancy Ltd

St Peter’s RC Primary School 

Hurst Knoll CE Primary School


Associate Governor

Diocesan Co-opted Governor

Oct 2007

Sept 2012

Sept 2015 to Dec 2016

Reverend Canon Philip Williamson

Diocesan Board of Education and Schools’ Committee 



Marc Crossland

Marc’s parents, David and Anne Crossland, are co-sponsors of the Academy Trust and David Crossland is a Member of the Academy Trust.

Bolton St Catherine’s Academy

St Aidan’s Church of England Academy

Family related



Oct 2010

Oct 2013

Oct 2014

Connected Organisations

The Academy’s co-sponsors, David and Anne Crossland and the Church of England, have previously made equal financial contributions to the Academy in terms of the Endowment Fund totalling £375k. Both co-sponsors made further equally shared financial commitments up to 2020.  A total sum of £124k was received from the co-sponsors and Endowment Fund earnings in 2015/16.  Of this sum, £109k related to specific purchases agreed by the Governing Board and £15k related to the agreed schedule of remaining annual payments.

The co-sponsors have representation on the Academy Governing Board at both Governing Board and Committee level and, as such, provide an important contribution to the success of the Academy.

In relation to the business activities of the Academy Trust, Manchester Diocese is considered to be a connected organisation. An annual subscription is paid to Manchester Diocese in order for the Academy to access services and resources available to all Church of England Schools through a Service Level Agreement.  At £1,416 (renewed in April 2016) this is considered to represent value for money for the Academy and is only available through Manchester Diocese.

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