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The   Academy will: The   Family will:

The   Student will:



ü    Provide   a welcoming, safe and secure environment with high quality learning   facilities underpinned by a Christian ethos  


ü    Deliver   a curriculum which is stimulating, challenging, innovative, enjoyable and   motivates students


ü    Offer a   range of enrichment activities to interest and engage students beyond the   classroom


ü    Set challenging   individual targets for every student in each subject


ü    Provide   support for each student to help them make progress towards their targets


ü    Respect   the rights of all members of the Academy community


ü    Communicate   with parents regarding achievements or concerns to ensure that the Academy   and Family work together


ü    Ensure   that the student attends the Academy every day, on time and fully equipped


ü    Support   student progress and achievement by attending Parents’ Consultations and   other Academy events


ü    Respond   to Academy communications as appropriate


ü    Support   the Academy Ethos, Behaviour Code of Conduct, other Policies and Guidelines


ü    Consent   to the use of photographic evidence of Academy activities to celebrate   achievements


ü    Encourage   the student to play an active part in the life of the Academy


ü    Endorse   the efforts of the Staff involved in teaching the student and those of the   Pastoral and Support Staff



ü    Attend   regularly and on time


ü    Be   fully equipped for every lesson


ü    Complete   classwork and homework to the best of their ability to ensure that good   progress is made towards targets


ü    Keep   the Student Planner up to date with appropriate information


ü    Wear the Academy uniform correctly and take   pride in their appearance


ü    Behave   safely following the Academy Code of Conduct and other Academy rules


ü    Treat   all members of the Academy community with courtesy and respect


ü    Represent   the Academy in a positive manner whilst wearing the Academy uniform in the   wider community



Signed on behalf of the Academy:                          Signed on behalf of the Family:                               Signed by the Student:

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