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Pastoral Team Information

We work hard at St Anne’s Academy to maintain an outstanding Pastoral System which promotes mutual trust and respect between all staff and students. We especially value our partnerships with parents and carers. At the Academy we strive to look after the whole child and hope to develop each student academically as well as personally, emotionally and socially.

We endeavour to meet the needs of all students through our student support structure:

Pastoral Support

On starting at St Anne’s Academy students are placed in Form Groups. These Form Groups are chosen so that there is a range of abilities. as well as a good mix of boys and girls, and taking into account transition information and friendships already made at Primary Schools. Each Form has a Form Tutor with whom students meet twice a day. Your child’s Form Tutor is the member of staff who quickly gets to know your child and their Form. He or she is the person who should act as your first point of contact at the Academy. Although students will move into different sets and groups for lessons the Form Group will stay together as a class unit throughout Years 7-11.


All Year Groups have a Parent/Carer Evening and new Year 7s also have a pastoral Parent/Carer Evening in the Autumn Term of Year 7 to exchange information and smooth the transition period.


Each Year Group has a Year Director who leads on day to day pastoral care and support as well as having responsibility for attendance, punctuality and behaviour matters. Should you need additional support or are unable to contact the Form Tutor your child’s Year Director should be the second point of contact in the Academy.


Year Groups follow a set pastoral programme during the longer afternoon registration session. This includes a Faith and Pastoral Assembly once per week as well as other Faith Activities.


As well as the outstanding pastoral care, information, advice and guidance offered by the Academy we support students in the following ways:


Behaviour Support Learning Support

Inclusion Support

The Behaviour Support   Team at St Anne’s Academy proactively works with students to provide day to   day behaviour support in and out of the classroom. Behaviour Mentors and   staff work with students to modify their behaviour and attitude and help to   resolve issues through restorative justice and resolution meetings. Our   Christian ethos means that we forgive students and always seek to help   students make positive choices and learn from mistakes when required.

The Learning Support   Team led by the SENCO and staffed by a team of Mentors and Teaching   Assistants supports traditional additional needs and helps to ensure all   students can learn to the best of their ability by overcoming any barriers to   learning that they may face.

The Academy prides   itself on our inclusive reputation and practices which maximise the success   of all students. Our Inclusion Team works with students who need additional   support and intervention to ensure they meet their full potential and achieve   to the best ability.

Family Support

If families are in need of additional support then our Family Support Worker can help.

A Family Support Worker is a professional who can offer help, support and guidance to parents/carers who need it.

We support parents/carers to bring up their children, strengthen families and safeguard children.

We offer practical services to support your child in achieving his/her full potential.

Examples of support have included:

  • Housing issues
  • Support with administration (filling in forms)
  • Referrals for support from external agencies
  • Behaviour support
  • Enrichment trips
  • Help to prevent homelessness
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