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sixth form cp outside 2013A message from our Principal

We believe St Anne’s Academy Sixth Form is the best choice for students who want to succeed in life. St Anne’s offers a high quality education within a supportive Christian environment.We offer outstanding facilities and resources including a designated Sixth Form Centre.Our Academy embraces new opportunities and ideas and we encourage our students to be responsible and independent learners, thus preparing them for their future. Courses and qualifications are tailored to the needs and ability of each student to ensure that our Sixth Formers are able to fulfil their ambitions and aspirations. We offer a range of different pathways both academic and vocational. Excellent Curriculum provision is combined with a range of opportunities that support learning beyond the classroom. Our exciting enrichment pathway offers experience in: Sports Coaching, Community/Volunteering, Keeping Fit and Eating Healthily.The structure and the pastoral organisation of our Sixth Form allow us to get to know all our students well, supporting them during their time at St Anne’s.

Positive attitudes fostered towards every aspect of school life we treat each other with care, respect and fair play. We offer support and mentoring so that you are ready to step out in to the next stage of your life. Some students go onto University, others take alternative routes into quality work related posts and apprenticeships.We value our relationship with students and parents and will work closely with you. We hope you join us at St Anne’s Academy Sixth Form and be part of our success story.

Caroline Preece, Principal.


St Anne’s Academy Sixth Form is an opportunity, an opportunity for students to apply themselves to a successful future. The Academy motto is ‘Faith in Our Future’ and with determination and hard work from our students and the support and expertise of our staff we can put faith in any students’ future success. The Sixth Form allows students to further their studies in an environment of success.


Consider the Sixth Form a gateway, a gateway to University, a gateway to a job, a gateway to a successful future. Here we are determined to offer all students the opportunity of a programme of study. Every person is valued and should be given the chance to show that they not only want success but succeed. We offer a variety of Level 3 courses. We also have a limited number of L2 courses.

Yes! The Sixth form thrives from hard work and requires ambition.

Yes! You will get the full support of the Staff.

Yes! Opportunities will open to you.

Yes! You will find yourself and what you want for your future.

Yes! We offer a broad range of courses.



But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our students have to say

"The Sixth Form offers a mature environment in which staff and students can work closely together to achieve their individual goals. It was a great stepping stone to help me adapt to life at university."  Liam Kirkham BA (Hons) Architecture graduate

"Aside from all the fun and great friends I made in Sixth Form, I also became a part of a second family who assisted me in every way throughout my journey towards my dream career. I would have found it very hard to gain a place on a children's nursing course at university without the help, support and opportunities I received whilst at St Anne's Academy."  Lizzy Halstead BSc Children's Nursing

"I considered another Sixth Form, but chose to stay at St Anne's. I am glad I did now as I did really well. I achieved 4 A-Levels: Maths, English Lit, P.E and Biology A*, A, A, C. This then allowed me to study Maths at university from which I graduated last year with a first!" Jason Gregory BA Mathematics

"I have not even been here a full academic year and yet I have already had so many amazing experiences in Sixth Form.   I have attended promotional events such as Future First, performed on stage as Granny Feather, led Faith sessions, sold products at Manchester Christmas markets, taken part in The Bridges homeless meal and much more. I really do feel part of a team, and I can’t wait for what next year has in store!"
Peter Carter, current year 12 student

“With my attitude during Sixth Form I have no right to be where I am today, but the Staff continued to encourage me. They didn’t give up on me even when I thought I had. I passed and with their support I got into university. I have matured so much as a person; I have just completed my first year as a newly qualified English teacher! I am also grateful for is the continued support the Academy offered me after I went onto university, such as work experience and references.”

C. Merrick, University of Bolton, English Literature and Creative Writing Undergraduate... English Teacher

.Open up your future and see what St Anne's Academy can do for you                                                          

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