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Forensic ScienceLevel 3 BTEC National

Applied Science (Forensic Science)

The applied science course is compiled of teaching 6 units across two academic years.  The first year is a detailed introduction to science, where students get the opportunity to hone their practical ability and gain a detailed understanding of all key science principles.  The second year goes on to develop those skills through forensic theory and practical units.  All students have the opportunity to become hands on with their own crime scene and successfully analyse and interpret what the evidence presents.

What will you study?

In Year 12 and 13, you will study the following:

Below are details on the units included across both years of this applied science (forensic Science) course.

In year 12 the following units are studied:

Fundamentals of Science– where students revisit scientific concepts and further their understanding of different jobs there are in the science industry.

Working in the Science Industry– Students look at the different regulations and procedures followed within scientific work places and work on designing a suitable forensic laboratory.

Scientific Practical Techniques– Students explore a large range of techniques, ensuring they can use different scientific equipment and explain how it is used in industry.


The following units are studied during year 13:

Criminology– Students will gain an understanding of how crime is reported and the methods used to attempt to control levels of crime.

Forensic Evidence Collection and Analysis– Students get a hands on experience of collecting forensic evidence from mock crime scenes and analyse the pieces to help solve the crime.

Forensic Photography– Students will study how photography is used in crime scene analysis and explain the importance of it within a case. They will produce their own portfolio of images taken from mock crime scenes.


Higher Education Pathways:

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science, Criminology, Psychology


Medical Physics technician, Research laboratory technician, Forensic Science technician



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