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KS5: GCE History

Our A-level students currently study the AQA specification.  These topics are likely to change when we change to the new GCE.

Assessment: 75% examination. 25% Coursework

Throughout AS and A level the course is taught in a way that lets students think critically, question historical events, evaluate the usefulness of sources and practise good examination techniques to make sure they are fully prepared to show their potential within the examinations. There are two examinations in the AS year and an exam and piece of coursework in the A2 year. Students will be invited on various trips and also to local conferences working with other historians to develop their understanding of historical events and debates.

AS level

Unit 1F France in Revolution, 1775-1815: This unit examines what happened during the French Revolution and how it affected other European countries.  It looks at the changing of ideas and thoughts in Europe as well as the importance of key individuals including Louis XVI, Robespierre and Napoleon.  An excellent case study of chaos, change, murder, execution and plotting!

Unit 2N Anti-Semitism, Hitler and the German People, 1919-1945: This unit provides an opportunity to investigate Hitler’s impact on German attitudes and policies towards the Jewish people.  The topic will also consider responsibility for the Holocaust and who the blame should lie with.  A great opportunity to find out why the Holocaust happened rather than just what happened!



A2 level:

Unit 3 The State and the People, Britain 1918-1964:  This unit provides an understanding of change and continuity in Britain from the First World War to the election of 1964, through periods of peace and war to an era of consensus and affluence.  Students will study a number of important individuals in the history of Britain including Lloyd George, Ramsay MacDonald, Stanley Baldwin, Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee.  They will also develop an understanding of how British politics, economics and welfare came to be the way they are today.

Unit 4 Historical Enquiry: Students will investigate a historical issue across a period of 100 years.  This is an independent task which requires students to complete one essay task using sources explain and evaluate the question.  Class of 2016 will complete their historical enquiry on civil rights in the USA.

Skills Developed:

History offers an opportunity to develop the critical skills of analysis and interpretation. The emphasis is on applying knowledge and understanding rather than just acquiring knowledge, thereby developing students’ transferable skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

Higher Education pathways:

Degree in any Humanities focused or literate subject

Linked Careers include historian, teacher, journalist, lawyer, politician among many others.  It’s about the skills, not the knowledge!

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