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Level:                              AS/A2 Level

Exam Board:                     AQA

Assessment:                     100% Written examination

Entry Requirements:        5 GCSEs at grade B or above, including English and Maths


Overview of the Course

Sociology is the study of human society and how it affects everyone. ‘Why?’ is the main question we ask. We all live in the world, live in nations, live in towns and live in families. Why is there crime, education, culture and the mass media? What purpose do they serve? Why do we live the way we live?

This course has been designed so that you will acquire the essential knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methods, together with a range of skills. This course lays an appropriate foundation for further study in Sociology and related subjects in higher education.


What will I Study?

In Year 12, you will study the following units:

Unit 1 -Families and Households

Unit 2 -Education and Research Methods

In Year 13, you will study the following units:

Unit 3 –Mass media

Unit 4 -Crime and deviance with methods


Higher Education pathways:

BSC (Hons) Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Social Care, Social Science, Politics, Cultural Studies


Social Work, Uniformed Services, Politics, Criminology, Prison Service, Public Relations, Law, Teaching, Childcare and Social Work

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