Academy Vision and Values

St Anne’s Church of England Academy is jointly sponsored by David and Anne Crossland and the Church of England.


The best for everyone, the best from everyone. We have faith in our future.


ASPIRATION I believe that having high aspirations can motivate me to work hard and achieve my goals without excuses. I have high expectations in everything I do. Aspiration is valuable because it allows me to look beyond my current experiences and to understand, interpret and change the world.

INTEGRITY I believe that living my life with high moral standards is important. I do the right thing in all circumstances, even if this makes things more difficult for me and no one is watching. I take responsibility for myself and my community in order that I help it to get better.

RESPECT I believe that respect is the most important element in a kind and cohesive community. Respect, and self-respect, means that I take things seriously and that I care about myself and others. Respect is valuable because it allows me to understand the differences in our community, and to know how to behave for the best benefit of that community.

HARD WORK I believe that through hard work I can overcome challenges as I meet them. I am resilient and have a desire to complete every task to the best of my ability. Hard work is valuable because it allows me to be the best I can be and gives me the experience I need to succeed.