Attendance Top Tips


Top Tips
Every Day Matters.

There are a few things that parents/carers, and families, can think about to help improve their child’s attendance, or to help maintain it at excellent levels:


Make sure your child attends school every day, on time (by 08.25), equipped and ready to learn (planner, pen, pencil and ruler is the minimum equipment expected). Only allow your child to stay off school when it is unavoidable and as a last resort. Remember that every day of absence means your child will miss 5 hours of learning that they will find hard to catch up. Good attendance is linked to reward events such as end of term trips, as well as the Prom at the end of Year 11. We don’t want any student to miss out on these, so we don’t want your child to miss school due to avoidable absences.


Only allow your child to be absent from school for genuine serious illness, not minor ailments. Colds, sniffles and snuffles are not serious most of the time and students can attend school as normal, and self-medicate as necessary. If you are in doubt and are not sure, please send your child into school with a note from home or give us a ring beforehand. The Academy will contact home if there is a problem and when students become too ill to stay in school. Remember however to keep your child at home if they have any of the main symptoms of coronavirus.

Medical appointments

Please remember to make your child’s routine medical, optician or dental appointments out of school time. If this is not possible please notify us in advance and provide an appointment card. This will allow related absences to be recorded correctly and authorised if possible. We expect students to attend school before and after any appointment. Students should sign in and out with the Attendance Team and must be collected by a parent or carer for safeguarding reasons. There is no need for students to be absent for a full or half day to attend most routine appointments.

Family holidays during term time

Students do not attend school for 13 weeks of the year. Please arrange family holidays during this time as the Academy cannot authorise term time leave for students. This is not an entitlement. It is particularly important that students do not miss the start of terms, especially in September as this can be particularly disruptive and unsettling for children as they begin to follow new timetables and establish new routines and habits. Please also remember that GCSE examinations do not finish until the end of June each year and students in Year 10 and Year 11 should not miss school due to holidays at any time.

Helping your child be organised, by establishing positive habits and routines, can have a positive impact on attendance. Make sure your child has a positive night time and bed time routine – help them get ready for school the night before, making sure they have packed their bag, organised their packed lunch (if applicable), have their uniform and homework ready and set their alarm clock. Getting a good nights sleep is really important! Start each day with enough time for your child to be ‘school ready’: make sure they have breakfast, get dressed in the correct uniform, and check again that they have everything in their school bag for the day ahead. In addition, support your child’s learning by helping with homework, reading together, watching Newsround, and encourage them to ask questions and be inquisitive. Remember, good habits start early and having good attendance and being on are important life skills.

Partner with us

Foster a strong and positive partnership with school and ensure your child sees us working together. Attend school events and parents’ evenings every year. Pop into our Coffee Morning. Follow us on twitter (@StAnnesAcademy) to stay up to date on news, stories, information and to celebrate successes and be part of our community and school family. Make sure you know the name of your child’s Form Tutor, Year Director and other key staff. Support our vision and values and help your child realise the value of education and how it will help them in the future. Contact us sooner rather than later so we can work together to overcome any barriers to positive attendance. This is vitally important if your child is worried about something that is making them reluctant to attend school.

Catch Up

If your child is absent please support them in catching up the lost learning that they missed when they were off school. Encourage them to speak to staff and request this work. Helping them to complete this will reduce the impact of attendance on their knowledge and understanding and will mean they don’t have gaps in their learning and should not fall behind. Students who do not catch up on lost learning may struggle and fall further behind.

Barriers to learning

If there is anything that stops your child from attending school every day please speak to your child’s Form Tutor or Year Director in the first instance. In line with our vision, we want the best for and from everyone. This means we want to help all students attend every day and we want all students to want to attend. Every day matters!

Contact our Attendance/Pastoral Officers for support or any attendance related queries: or

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