St Anne’s Academy Curriculum

“The best of what has been thought and said”
(Matthew Arnold)

Education is the entitlement to powerful knowledge that equips students for life. The curriculum at St Anne’s Academy is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours that take them beyond their context. This is knowledge that our students may not have had access to before. This understanding is the narrative of human culture. These skills and behaviours enable students to become useful citizens in a global society.

Social and cultural mobility are the keys to securing high quality, lifelong, positive academic outcomes for our students and allow them to be the best versions of themselves.

Our non-academic curriculum teaches students how to behave, present themselves and represent their community.

Running throughout this is a relentless desire to support the wellbeing of our students. We believe in challenge with compassion: every student will be given the opportunity to achieve academic success in a supportive and creative environment.

The principles that underpin our curriculum are:

  • Knowledge – is worthwhile in itself and accumulates perpetually. We teach students this: We never apologise that they need to learn things and sometimes this is hard work and requires resilience.
  • Aspiration – we don’t limit what our students can achieve. Our curriculum is designed to promote the best of students and teaches them to become experts in a variety of disciplines.
  • Challenge – we offer an ambitious curriculum for all students within a caring environment. All students are challenged to be better every day regardless of their starting point.
  • Progression – our curriculum journey is planned and sequenced to build upon earlier knowledge and creates a love of learning. The curriculum ensures that students are able to pursue their ambitions and go on to further education after their time at St Anne’s Academy.
  • Cultural Capital – students are provided with opportunities to gain the experiences necessary to build on their knowledge and skills.
  • Wellbeing – to encourage confidence in our students so they are able to live a balanced life that is safe, healthy and fulfilling.
  • Community – we teach students to be respectful and add value to their local and the global community. We equip them with the knowledge and skills to make a difference.
  • Literacy and numeracy rich – the curriculum will provide opportunities to extend students’ reading, writing and mathematical skills to develop enquiring minds and a passion for lifelong learning.

GCSE Factsheet for Parents


Art & Design / Photography History Music Science
Criminology Hospitality and Catering Performing Arts Sociology
English ICT/Computer Science Physical Education Technology
Geography Languages PSHE & CEIAG
Graphics Maths Psychology
Health & Social Care Media Production Religious Education


Assessment, Marking and Feedback
Whole School Assessment Marking and Feedback Policy
Art KS3 Art KS4
Catering KS3 Catering KS4
English KS3 English KS4
Geography KS3 Geography KS4
Health & Social Care KS4
History KS3 History KS4
Maths KS3 Maths KS4
Performing Arts KS3 Performing Arts KS4
Science KS3 Science KS4