Early Career Framework

We are pleased to say that we will be working with University College London (UCL) in the pilot for the Early Career Framework. For more information please visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk

ECF module overview
ECF Llogic model


New teachers have an entitlement to a structured early professional development that builds on and complements their initial teacher education (ITE). But, however on good ITE programmes, only so much ground can be covered in sufficient depth in what is in most cases, a nine-month programme.

All early career teachers are provided with support through internal and external CPD and teachers in their first five years are supported with opportunities such as working with ‘Ambition’ to support pedagogy and whole school T & L initiatives such as ‘Transforming Teachers’ programme. We are planning further bespoke support with subject enhancement training, coaching and transition points such as shadowing faculty leads as well as ‘Teacher educator’ instructional coaching to support teachers to improve their craft.

In line with the early roll out from September 2020 early career teachers will receive 5% off timetable in their second year as well as funding for mentor training and time allocated for this support. In addition to this early career teachers will be entitled to a 2 year structured programme of development provided by established high quality ECF training programmes.

The Early Career Framework has been informed by evidence from research. Particular strengths include the emphasis on:

  • lesson sequences to ensure progression in pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding
  • breaking complex material into smaller steps
  • identifying misconceptions in lessons
  • teacher modelling
  • teaching subject-specific vocabulary
  • consolidation and practice
  • teachers thinking aloud when modelling learning so that they make their thought processes explicit
  • intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation
  • scaffolding learning
  • reading for pleasure