Gifted and Talented

At St Anne’s Academy we recognise that our Gifted and Talented students need access to a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum.  We are dedicated to providing the students with the tools they need for success both within the Academy as well as beyond school in further education and their careers.  We aim to give them the very best opportunities in order for them to achieve their very best.  Students are continually supported and developed through our extensive provision and this journey starts from the moment the students enter the Academy in Year 7.  In the classroom our subject specialists help to identify and support students to make exceptional progress in their specific areas; they are provided with more challenging work in the classroom and at home through a sufficiently demanding curriculum to ensure that they feel challenged and inspired to succeed.  Every department has a designated G&T representative who works with the rest of their team to help to ensure that all students are meeting or exceeding their targets.  Departments design a curriculum that reflects its strategies for the Gifted or Talented in its Scheme of Work, including opportunities for extension and enrichment that will stretch, challenge and motivate students. The use of questioning using Bloom’s Taxonomy is a Teaching and Learning focus within the Academy to stretch our most able students.

Outside of the classroom, there are numerous opportunities to raise the aspirations of our more able; a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs; visits to Higher Education establishments; workshops with local Further Education establishments; participation in National Competitions and a number of in-school opportunities such as sporting and musical events which are used to reward and celebrate achievement.  We are also proud to be working with The Brilliant Club, an award winning charity whose aim is to increase the number of students gaining places at Russell Group Universities.  We also work closely with The University of Manchester and some of our G&T students are part of the Gateways Programme which provides Y7-Y11 learners within Greater Manchester the opportunity to take part in a coherent series of Higher Education awareness and subject-specific activities.


We have a number of ways in which we identify our Gifted and Talented students.  Key Stage 2 results are initially used and any student with a score of 110 or over will be placed on the Academy register.  Cognitive Ability Test scores are also used to identify students of high ability.

In addition, at any point in a student’s time at St Anne’s Academy, individual departments are able to identify and recognise students who are demonstrating higher order ability within their specific field.  As a result, these students will also have access to a more challenging Curriculum within the department and benefit from being stretched within an area of high ability.

If your son/daughter is identified as Gifted or Talented, you will receive a letter informing you of this from Miss Hallam, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator.

A half-termly newsletter which celebrates the achievements of our G&T students and provision offered by the Academy is also sent to parents/ carers of our Gifted and Talented students and is available on the website.

If you have any questions regarding Gifted and Talented provision or if your child excels in an activity outside of the Academy that we do not know about, then please contact us at so we can ensure we can fully support them.

High Expectations – High Aspirations – High Achievements

At St Anne’s Academy every member of staff has high expectations for every student and we work to the motto of “If it isn’t excellent, it isn’t finished”. Students are expected to attend the Academy every day and be organised and ready to learn. A positive attitude towards learning is imperative if students are to achieve excellent results. The Academy promotes a ‘Growth Mindset’ and encourages students to be resilient, curious in their learning, to aim higher and push themselves out of their comfort zone. We have exceptional students at the Academy who will be the leaders, educators and inventors of the future therefore, high aspirations are crucial for them in order to achieve what they are capable of.