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For student pastoral support information, advice and guidance click here.

If you need to get in touch with the Pastoral Team for support during the school closure please contact: Mrs Becconsall [Donna]: 07752 295963 (8am-4pm) or Mrs Howard [Meleka]: 07752 295964 (8am-4pm)

Or email: (Please Note: this email account will be monitored during normal school hours Monday to Friday 8am-4pm only.) If you need help outside of school hours please speak to a trusted adult or childline: 0800 11 11. In an emergency ring 999.

10 Top Tips Remote Learning for Parents

10 Top Tips Remote Learning for Students

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While the Academy is closed students can continue their studies by accessing lessons and revision materials, following the links below.

You can access free web based office applications using either Office Online or Google Docs

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Sixth Form

Top tips to educate at home

  • Set up some kind of routine.
  • PE would be a great start to the day, maybe a body coach work out (Joe Wicks 9am youtube)
  • Cover the core subjects in the morning (Maths/English/Science) and set a reasonable target such as one task a day in these subjects.
  • Have a break time, make snacks
  • Use the afternoon for geography, history etc – subjects with facts to learn.
  • Practical subjects could be set as challenges after lunch.
  • Food lesson could be making dinner, or part of it.
  • Get creative and make something, you could keep a visual journal/diary or alternatively look at different gallery websites to view famous pieces of art.
  • Maybe fix something/hang a picture (depending on how handy/responsible your children are!) for Technology.
  • Don’t let ‘school’ stretch beyond normal school hours (or whichever hours you give it depending on your family’s needs), short bursts of focused, productive learning are best.
  • This time of isolation could be a time for your children to find new joy in learning, skill building and discovery.
  • They might find it stressful or difficult to motivate but staying in touch with helpful classmates (and you with their parents) would be useful. Monitor them online, check who they’re chatting and what they are viewing.
  • Talk to them about what they’re learning and let them teach you!
  • Quiz them when you can or, better still, let them teach you about their subjects.

Free online educational resources

Twinkl, a global educational publisher, is providing free access to all its teaching and learning materials to support teachers, parents and carers.
Cypher, which teaches coding to children in schools and during holidays, has launched live online camps to keep children engaged and learning from home
Perlego has also opened up its library of 300,000 educational books free of charge to students until the end of the academic year.
Audible Stories is offering free audiobooks for kids during school closures.
BBC History for Kids provides information and lessons on lots of world events.
Quizlet provides learning tools and flashcards to make subjects more fun.
Seneca provides revision guides for a range of subjects from KS3 right up to A Level.
White Rose provides free resources for teaching maths at all levels.

Youtube videos

Emmatheteachie – GCSE science
Mr Bruff – English
Physics Online – GCSE and A Level Physics
Stacey Reay – English
Primrose Kitten – Science and Maths

Please find below the link to the Twinkl website which is currently offering free access to parents during school closures.

On this site are a range of activities, including:

  • Mindfulness activities to keep students mental well-being healthy during this unprecedented school closure
  • Learning aids to use in conjunction with the remote learning already accessible on the Academy’s website
  • KS2, KS3 and KS4 learning packs
  • Interactive activities to aid engagement

These resources are available free for all students.


In response to recent school closures across the country, Scanning Pens is doing its best to ease the transition for students with reading difficulties. We feel it’s important to provide strategies that ensure learners are still able to continue building their literacy skills.

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If you require any further assistance please contact Miss Emily Tansley – SENCO