Year 11 Careers Education

Hello all Year 11 students. We hope that you are keeping safe and well? You may be thinking a lot about your future at this time and we have created some resources to support you with this. Here is a range of activities for you to be working on that will help prepare you for your next steps in Sixth Forms, Colleges, Apprenticeships or the work place. Some of the skills you develop here will be relevant for now and for your future in the world of work.

Please spend some time looking at the first document, it is an overview of how you should approach the tasks and explains what you need to do and the associated resources. We have numbered all activities below so you should be able to work through at your own pace. Thank you and good luck!

1 – St Anne’s Your Future – Unit Overview

2 – Labour Market Information Worksheet

3 – Stranded Activity NCS Worksheet

4 – Career Values Pyramid NCS Worksheet

5 – Write a Job Advert Worksheet

6a – Transferable Skills Information Worksheet

6b – Skills Word Bank Worksheet

6c – The Star Method Worksheet

7 – Suitcase Of Skills Activity Sheet

8 – The Buzz Quiz Worksheet

9 – Planning for Success AP Template

10 – Planning for Success AP Guide

11 – SEND Pathways Action Plan NCS Worksheet

12 – College Worksheet

13a – Apprenticeships 1 – Introductory Worksheet

13b – Apprenticeships 2 – Find An Apprenticeship pt1

13c – Apprenticeships 3 – Find An Apprenticeship pt2

13d – Apprenticeships 4 – Social Media

14 – CV Workbook Activity

15 – Mock Job Application NCS Worksheet

16 – Mock Interview Activity NCS Worksheet

17 – Cover Letter Worksheet

18 – First Day Activity Worksheet

19 – Payslips Activity Worksheet

20 – Budgeting Activity NCS Worksheet